8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffics

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Only blog that can manage to drive huge number of traffics will generate stable and sound income from the internet. I believe for many bloggers, the main reason to have a blog is to generate income out of it. Actually, if you put all your thought into your blog and try to write and share things that you like(by creating a good quality blog), the money will slowly generated and increased.

However, without traffics, a blog with good quality content will not be discovered and eventually be abandoned. So, in this tutorial we will be discussing and learn on how to drive traffics, to get more readers to your blog and ultimately will generate income from it.

Below are the 8 easy ways on how to Increase your blog traffics:

  • Quality content and consistency
  • On page SEO techniques
  • Off page SEO techniques
  • The power of social media
  • Pay per click advertisement
  • Blog Walking and forum
  • eBook
  • Real time advertisement

1. Quality contents and consistency
We begin with the most important of all; is to create a blog with good and quality contents. Why this is so important? Try to imagine, will it be easy to promote a low quality product and if you manage to persuade potential customer to by, are you be able to sustain the customer (or will they return back for more). The answer will be ‘no’.

As simple as that, a blog need to be quality, so that it can be easily promoted and to maximise the benefits of the next 7 easy ways below. Consistency in blog posting also important, not only it help to attract visitors to keep coming back to your blog but also can assist search engine’s robots such as Yahoo’s and Google to crawl your blog better.

We are not talking about becoming a regular blog poster. You just need to be displined on your blog posting schedule. It can be daily basis, every 3 days. weekly basis or Bi-monthly basis as long as you can keep the consistency at it level.

2. On-page SEO techniques
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for every blogger. They will need to understand the important of SEO in order to be a successful blogger. Bloggers need to learn on how to customise On-page SEO in order to enhance or to improve the blog visibility.

Things that can be customised by bloggers such as blog title, meta tag discriptions, meta keywords, meta tag headers, permalink, no follow and open in new window link and robots.txt file.

Please refer to my previous Advanced Blogspot SEO articles for you easy reference.

3. Off page SEO techniques.
There are several ways to do the off-page SEO. Maybe you have heard about both Black Hat (Bad) and White Hat (Good) techniques before. So be extra careful on it. Don’t over do, you blog might get penalised by the search engines.

Webmaster tools is one of the great tool available to improve a blog or website visibility. Lets take Google Search Console as an example. On the tools, you can provide all the useful information about your blog. The information provided will give Google better understanding about your blog.

4. The Power of Social Media.
Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Pin it can help bloggers to attract more traffics to their blog. Again, it is essential to have very good contents in place before using the social media, as mention earlier in point number one, Quality contents and consistency.

Social Media

An interesting and unique blog posting can be easily get viral on any social media platforms. People will like and share it to their friends list. Your blog will be promoted automatically and soon the traffics grow.

We will talk more about how to successfully promote and market your blog posting on a social media, in next article.

5. Pay per click advertisement
If you have budget and looking forinstant traffics related to your blog niche, I would suggest you to sing up for Pay-pe-click advertisment program. Program such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Advertising is good for bloggers that provide a great contents.

Google Adwords

With great contents, traffics is not just a traffics. The great contents will convert them to be a potential customers. Its will force them to stay on your blog much longer and potentially be loyal to your blog. Soon they will promote and share to their families and friends.

6. Blog walking and forum.
Participating in any blog comment and forum can help you to increase the number of traffics to your blog. This is a good technique to attract traffics by being a good commentor. Don’t leave unquality comment such as, nice, I like, thanks for the info and etc.

Instead, try to give quality input that will make people wonder about you. Without asking, they soon will visit to your blog. Don’t forget to leave a signature with hyperlink to your blog. At the same time, you’re a building your backlinks for SEO. Remember, don’t spam.

7. eBook
Creating an eBook can give opportunity for a bloggers to promote their blog. Simply provide links to your blog and it will drive traffics. The eBook must be informative and successful distributed. You can either sell your eBook on platform such as clickbank or make it as a free give.


8. Real time advertisement
Most bloggers have ignored the conventional technique. It might look conventional but believe it or not, the technique can send huge amout of traffics to your blog. However some bloggers just want to be anynomous. They don’t want to be known even to their families and friends.

Ok, what you can do here are such as business card, business flyers, Billboard (very costly), printing blog name on t-shirt and many more.

All the techniques above will increase your blog traffics, in order to maximise the traffics flow to your blog you need to place very good contents on it and be a consistent blogger.

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