How to Create a Page on Blogspot blog

Create a page

Today, I am going to discuss and share information about create a page function on Blogspot. Why and what does the function made available on the platform. Normally for any blogging platform, there will be two ways to add content, one by creating a new post and two by creating a new page.

New Post is a normal fuction that blogger always use to add for new article on their blog. Where as a Page is a function that usually use for important message such as About us, Contact us, Privacy and Disclaimer. In this tutorial I will guide you on how to create a page on your Blogspot blog.

Using Askforblog as an example, you can go to my About us page and see how the page is writen up. Just for your information, in most surveys, About us page is the most visited on any blog. This shows the important of the page itself. Pages will not be visible or updated on your blog post section so to make the pages easily accessible by the readers, it is best to add them in the NAV bar as per below.

Ok, lets now mum to the tutorial. This going to be a quick and easy one but before that, you need to know that only 20 pages are allowed by Blogspot. So please do plan and select topics wisely to be added on your pages list. The normal pages are About us, Contact us, Resources, Advertising, Privacy, Disclaimer and more.

To create a page, go to Dashboard and select Page button on your left. Please refer below screenshot.

Create a Page

Once you have clicked the Page button, then select the New Page button to create a new page. Again, just refer to the below screenshot if you are not sure about it.

New Page

Simple right? Ok, good luck with your page creation.

Just incase if you haven’t yet created a blog, please go to how to create a blog on Blogspot platform.

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