Advanced SEO for Blogspot

SEO for Blogspot

In this tutorial, we are going to show you on how to enhance your blog search engine rating by looking at the advanced SEO setting which available on the Blogspot platorm. SEO is very important and should be looked seriously by any bloggers. A wrong SEO setting may lead to your blog being ignored by Search Engine.

There are several SEO setting can or need to be done to improve a Blogspot blog visibility on any Search Engine. The settings are as per below:
  • Meta tag description
  • Custom Robots.txt file
  • Custom robot header tags 
  • No follow tag and open link in a new tab 
So, let's go through one by one (the above), how to set and the important of each setting. 

1. Meta tag description.
Some believe that meta tag description is not important to search engine optimization, however is very important to gain user click-through from search engine results page(SERP). The short paragraph consist of 150 Characters is an opportunity for bloggers to market their blog contents and give a quick picture about their blog. 

So to create or set a Meta tag description go to Setting>Search Preference>Meta tag. Click edit to add.  You need to select enable meta description radio button in order to edit. Below is the screenshot for your reference.

Meta Description

2. Custom Robots.txt File
Next, lets us talk about /robots.txt file. The main reason to implement a /robots.txt file onto a blog is to enhance the blog visibilty, in another word to make it a search engine friendly blog. By using a proper robots.txt file, the blog owner is basically giving instructions and informing web crawlers or spiders sent by search engine such as Google and Yahoo about their blog (what to and what not to be indexed). It is important to make sure that /robots.txt file is correctly customised because incorrect use of the file can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.

To activate the robots.txt function simply go to Setting>Search Preference>Custom Robots.txt. You can copy the file below. I'll discuss further about this in details in my next article.


3. Custom Robots Header Tag
There is an option where you can customize you Robots Header Tag. To do this simply 
 go to Setting>Search Preference>Custom Robots Header Tag. Click enable radio button in order to customise. Below are Askforblog’s robot header tag screenshot. I have selected All and Noodp. Will discuss in details in my next article.

Robots Header Tag

4. No follow tag and open link in a new tab. 

No follow link instruct search engine’s web crawler or spiders to ignore the hyperlink text which you do not want to be indexed. Sometime you may include hyperlink text into a blog post to make it more interesting for your readers. However, sometime such hyperlink may not be relevant to your blog posting and can confuse the crawlers too. Open link in new tab in order to keep readers stay longer on the blog. This is very important because the longer the stay the more income opportunity you get to your blog. Plus higher average time visited will definitely enhance you blog visibility to any search engines. 

To begin, highlight text that need to be hyperlinked. Next click the link icon on NAV bar in you blog post section. (example as per below).


So, there you are, the four important on page SEO settings for blogger.

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