3 Simple Steps to Add AdSense Ads Anywhere Inside Blogger Post

In my previous article, I have written down about 5 ways to make more money with Google AdSense. One of the way to make more money is to add AdSense ad anywhere inside blogger post.

How this going to help you generating more money? The answer is, by adding an ads unit inside a blogpost will help you to increase the visibility of the ad. To increase the ads visibility will help you to attract more visitors to click on the ad, hence will increase your AdSense income.

How does the ad look like inside a Blogger post? Like this.....

Adsense Inside Post

Ok, lets start the tutorial. Just incase you haven't yet register of an AdSense account or want to learn more about it, I recommend you to read about it in my previous article on How to start making money with Google AdSense.

There are three simple steps to follow:

#1. Parse the code
First, you need to parse the Adsense code. I am using the Adsense Parser. Copy and paste your original ad code into a parser and click parse button. You will be prompted with this message "Your code has been parsed, copy & paste into your template code".  Look at the pictures below for your easy reference.

Before parse:
After parse:

#2. Edit your blog HTML code


Go to your edit HTML and look for data:post.body as per below.

Next, to replace the code above with the below.

After applying the code above, your HTML should be looking like this:

AdSense HTML

#3. Add code anywhere inside a Blogger post
Finally, to insert the below code anyway inside your blog post.

Hopefully this will help and improve your AdSense income. Please leave a comment below if you need further explanation. Your ad should be displayed a per below.

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