4 Real Ways to Actually Make Money on the Internet

make money online

Year 2016 is just around the corner and I am ready with my set objective which is to earn more money on the internet. I believe in order to be successful on the internet we need to have a strategy. Everything need to be planned and executed wisely.

A good strategy is essential if you would like to generate huge amount of money online. There are many ways to generate income on the internet. I prefer to blog because I see lots of opportunities available can be associated with blogging. To have a blog is like running a media company such as television, newspaper and magazines. All incomes are generated from advertising programs.

My making money online strategy is to have a blog with high quality contents in it. Like a media company, program or section with higher ratings will get more viewers or readers. Hence will attract advertisers to advertise.

Ok, first I need to create a good blog, which I have. I am currently using Blogspot as my blogging platform because it's easy and free. You can refer to how to create a free blog if you have not created one yet. A blog need to be full of interesting and informative contents. We always need to improve our blog ranking. The higher the ranking the better the visibility of a blog on any search engines. This is very important in order to attract more visitors.

On and off page search engine optimization(SEO) need to done. Please refer to Advanced SEO for Blogspot and 8 Ways to Increase Blog Trafics for guidance. Remember, there is no point to have such great contents if it can't be discovered.

I am waiting for huge traffics flow to my blog so that I will be able to generate income and get rich (hopefully). Google Adsense, referal program, affiliate program and my own ads space will be seen soon on this blog. Lets learn more about them:

1. Google Adsense
This might sounds to technical, but the truth Google Adsense is easy to set up. This is a user friendly Google’s advetising program that created to help bloggers to generate income from their blog.
Google Adsense

By pasting a simple code on your blog (provided by Google Adsense), you are allowing Google to automatically send advertisements to your blog. Income will be generated if the advertisement clicked by your visitors. This is also known as pay per click.

Remember not to self click on the advertisement because highly chances will be caught as click fraud. Believe me, you will get caught and banned by Google if doing so.

2. Referral Program
One time payment will be received on product that you have referred to. Such a program is good if you believe that the product can be easily sell.

There are many products with referral program available on the internet. In my case, I am going to promote eToro to my readers. I have joined eToro since 2008 earning money from forex trading and at the same from eToro referral program.

eToro Trading Platform

I will continue to promote because I believe eToro is the best trading platform for beginners. To learn more about this simply go to '4 Steps to Make Money on eToro Social Investment Network' article.

3. Affiliate Program
Instead of receiving one time payment, Affilliate program participant will received payment according to what they have sell. In my case, I have chosen to join Amazon’s Affiliate program. I am planning to have an online book store on this blog. Books selection will be about Blogging, SEO and Make Money Online.

Amazon Associates

Similar to Google Adsense, a simple code will be provided for you to place it onto your blog. No technical skill is needed. I prefer Amazon compare to others because of it shipping realibility (can always depend on their shipping).

4. Advertising Spaces
Another option to generate income from your blog is to offer advertising spaces for your readers. A highly visited blog usually do this because of the demands. It can be easily controlled too as you are the one who set the price. Mostly, the average price range for a banner (250x250) is around USD$100 to USD$300.

For now, I will be focusing only for the above. However I will keep the blog updated if I decided to try on a new opportunity.

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