How to start a free blog with Blogspot Platform.


Do you know that you can generate income by having a good quality blog. That is one of the reason why to have a blog is a great thing to do. To blog with passion and to share interesting things that you like will definitely make you a successful blogger.

There are a lot of articles about blogging platforms that can be used in creating a blog. Mostly are about Wordpress platform because it is best known a user friendly SEO blogging platform. However, for me Blogspot is always be a good platform for beginners to start and learn about blogging process. Plus it is a free platform anyway..

Yes, Blogspot do have limitation when it comes to optimizing for search engine ranking. However this can be easily rectified which I will share with you later how to rectify in my next article.

BlogSpot allows you to create a free blog, and in this post I will guide you on how to start one with flying colors. So lets begin with the tutorial.

Step by step guidance on how to create a free blog using Blogspot as a Blogging Platform

We start with going to Blogger and login using your Google account. Simply create a free Google (gmail) account incase you haven’t created one.

Create Blogger Account

Once login, click on the new blog option and you are about to begin you blog creation process.

New Blog

Next step is to select for your blog title. Then to create your blogspot domain name. This will be blog web address , such as Try to create a domain name that related to you blog contents or something catchy that can be use for branding in future. It is not easy to pick for a domain because most of them are taken. You need to be creative on this part. After setting up domain and blog name, you can now go to the next process which is to select for a blog template. However this can be always amended later. Just pick a simple blog template for the time being.

blog title domain

Now, you are almost done and ready to start with your first blog posting. To create a blog post simply click on a new post option and you are now ready to go. Of course there will be lot more to be learn in order to create an eyes catching and a search engine friendly blog. I also believe that your are now eager to start to earn from your blog as well. Ok, I will further explain about how to change layout, how to create pages, how to increase blog traffics and how to make money from your blog later on in my next post.

New Post

For now, I would suggest you to start posting interesting and informative materials on your blog. You need to create a quality product first before you can start to sell it. Ok, good luck.

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