57 Real Dofollow Link With High PageRank and Related Niche

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You need to be patient to build backlinks for your blog. This is an on going process and need to be done with care. I am also in the midst of building quality backlink for my blog. It will take some time to do this but I will make sure everything done accordingly with care. For that reason, 57 Real dofollow blog list is created.

Links are sorted according to pagerank. Remember, this is still under work in progress and will be updated regularly until it reach 57 links and if you believe your blog should be added to the list below, please don't hesitate to let me know. To be added onto the list, your blog must be:

  • A dofollow enabled,
  • Pagerank 2 minimum and,
  • Niche related (SEO, Blogging and Make money online)

In the process of building backlinks, I am only focusing on blogs related to my niche only. The dofollow links as below are related to my blog niche (SEO, Blogging and Make money online) and sorted by page rank(PR).

You may be wondering on how did I managed to list down the do follow blogs as above. This is purely created by me and definately not a copy and paste from other SEO blogs on the internet. No need to wonder anyway. I am here to teach and share my way to search for do follow blogs. If you like it please do link back and share to others.

There are three step to follow as below.

#1. How to search for  a blog that related to your niche.
It is important to have link back to your blog from related blog niche. It is like someone discussing about a topic and recommend you as a reference. To do this simply go to google search engine and search for the below.

Keyword "Comment here"
Keyword "Add URL"
Keyword "submit"

Replace Keyword with your blog niche. In my case, SEO, Make Money and Blogging. In search a engine box will be looking like below:

related niche blog search

#2. How to check do follow and no follow.
The next step is to check on the blog link status. I am only interested commenting in do follow blog only and so should you. Although the no follow will always give the natural look for your site. It is your call.

I am using Google Chrome No Follow plugin to check for the do an no follow. For me, it is easy to install and user-friendly too. Once installed, simply open a blog using Chrome browser. All links with no follow "rel" will be in red border and links without any red border are do follow.

#3. How to check Page Rank(PR).
Finally, to check for a blog PR. To have 10 blogs with high PR is better than to have 100 links from blog with low PR. I am using prchecker.info tool to check blogs PR. It is easy to use and quick too.

PR Checker

The three steps above should be easy to be implemented. Please don't hesitate to ask with any question. If you think the technique helps, please do share it. Thanks!

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