4 Ways to Increase Blog Traffics Using Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Social media is a place where many bloggers see as a place full of traffics (potential visitors). One of popular social media platform is Facebook. Facebook currently received huge amout of traffics on daily basis. Using Facebook definitely can help bloggers to generate more traffics to their blog.

In this article, we are going to discuss couple of effective ways to increase your blog traffics and conversions by using Facebook. Facebook is a place that you can publically share your articles, products, services and more. However blog with low quality contents will not be effectively shared. I have mention the important of quality contents In my previous article ‘ 8 easy ways to increase your blog traffics

There are several ways that can be done, however these are the essential:

1. Fan or Business Page
Creating a fan & Business page can help bloggers to promote their blog such as blog posting and blog update in more effective way. It will only takes very little time to build and most importantly it is free!

So, what are the benefits of creating a fan or business page on Facebook?

There is no limitation on friends list. If you are planning to expand your audience, the 5000 friends limit on personal page will not going to help.

Using a page, your profile will look more professional. Professionalism is very important in creating a brand(in this case is your blog). With a page, you will be focusing and talk about your blog only, no others. So easy for readers to navigate.

With a page, you are able to analyst visitors behaviour by using Facebook Insights. This is important in order to learn more about your target market. An advertisement that target people with relevant interest can be created and will attract new fans. Your existing fan’s friend also can be easily reached. If you are serious about growing your blog audience, the Facebook advertising should be considered. This can be done with very minimal budget.

To create a Fan or Business page, simply log in and select create a page. Once page is created, you will be guided step by step on how to update the page. Below are screenshot example for your reference.

create a page

page type

2. Share & Like Button
You have created a quality blog post and need to promote it with possibly to make it viral. Share & Like Button function will assist your readers to do their part instantly. The buttons are the quickest way for people to share content with their friends on Facebook. Some thing that is good and interesting can be easily gone viral with a proper tool. For example, below buttons can be seen at the end of every post in Askforblog blog.

like & share buttons

With simple steps, the button can be easily embeded onto a blog. First, a script which can be obtained from facebook developer page need to be inserted into a blog html. See below for your reference.


Alternatively, you can download a blog template that associated with the buttons.

3. Comments Box
The same process apply as above if you wish to insert comment box onto your blog post. The comments box will lets readers to coment on content on your blog using their Facebook profile. Their comments can be seen by friends in news feed. This will help you to gain more visitors to your blog.

4. #Hashtags
Hashtags can help to increase your posting visibility on Facebook. When a # is added to a word or sentence (#facebooktricks) and clicked, people can see a feed of posts that related to the hashtag. Be wise when using the hashtag because some says, too many hashtags won’t help you get more likes.

For all of the above, I personally believe that #hashtag is the best Facebook marketing strategy. I will continue to discuss about the marketing strategy later on in my next posting.

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