5 Ways to Make More Money with Google AdSense

More money with AdSense

In my previous article, I have talked about on how to start making money with Google AdSense. It is really easy and I believe everyone can do it. You can go to my previous article, if you have not yet register for an account.

Today, I am going to share with you ways on how to make more money with Google AdSense. Many bloggers have been successfully generate income with the program however not many have managed to maximise their AdSense income.

There are several ways that  can be done in order to maximise your income and they are so easy even a beginner can do it! So lets begin with the tutorial and hopefully will make more money in the future.

#1. Ads Placement
To add ad unit at the correct spot on your blog will help you to generate more income. The idea is to attract more visitors to click on the advertisement. To do so, we need to increase the ads visibility so will increase chances for the ads to be seen.

There are several places on your blog that perfect for ad placement. Ordinary blogger will usually put AdSense ad unit either on the blog header or blog sidebar. Using the correct and suitable ad unit you will attract visitors to click on the ad. However, there are two places that will increase visibility of the ad. Increase in visibility will help you to increase your AdSense income. They are:

  • To display AdSense unit inside a blog post or article will increase the ad visibility, hence increase the chances to generate more income.
  • To display AdSense unit in comment area. Comment area is a perfect place to display an Ad unit because many readers go to this area.

Below screenshot is as an example how an AdSense ad unit look like inside a blogspot post. I will talk about on how to display AdSense ad unit inside a Blogspot post in my next article.

AdSense inside post

#2. Ads Sizes
Yes, size does matters. Big banner such side bar size 600x300 will make an advertisement more attractive and be seen. Also, big banner will welcome higher paid advertisement such as Real Estate and Car Insurance. This is because such Real Estate advertiser need a bigger room to display their properties.

#3. Ad Link
Don't forget to display the ad link unit. Ad link unit will definitely help you to increase your AdSense income. The best place to display the ad link unit is under blog NAV bar.

Ad link

#4. Ad Google Custom Search
Many bloggers tend to ignore the ad Google Custom Search unit. What they do not know is that readers are always using search box to navigate a blog. They are looking for information and search box is the quickest way to do so. Google Custom Search unit is a perfect way to generate more income to a blog.  I will discuss in details later on on how to set up a Google Custom Search ad unit.

Google Custom Search

#5. Blog Niche
If you have not started a blog yet, always think about what you are going to share. I suggest you to search on Google for the highest paying keyword and start to blog about them.

Highest Paying Keyword

If I am not mistaken, the highest paying keyword for 2015 was car insurance around USD$50 to USD$70 per click

So, there you are, the 5 ways to make more money with Google AdSense.

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