How to Build Quality Backlinks for SEO


Nobody can actually tell how exactly search engine(SE) works.  However, guidelines have been given on how to improve search engine ranking and one of them is to build quality backlinks.

Building quality backlinks is essential for your blog for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes. This will help you to improve ranking in SE and better ranking will help you generate more traffics to your blog.

So, what are backlinks? Also known as incoming links, backlinks help SE to determine the importance and popularity of your blog or website.  Basically you have been recommended by having hyperlink from another blog or website directed to your blog.

It is good to have as many backlinks directed to your blog because the number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of your blog. However, only quality backlinks will help you to increase your SE ranking. What we are looking here is to have backlinks from quality blogs or websites.

Blog with high page rank will help you to get better ranking. To check, you can always use the page rank checker tools. The more backlinks received from higher pagerank blogs will help you increase your blog visibility on SE.

In order to increase your blog pagerank and at the same time to improve SE visibility, you have to be careful on building the backlinks. There are couple of things that will not or maybe will tarnish  your blog reputation. So below are the what to do and what not to do list for your guidance.

What to do:
  • Do received more backlinks from related blogs or websites.
  • Do write interesting and informative contents on your blog. Informative contents will always be shared by readers. The links will grow slowly and you will see starts seeing traffics to your blog.
  • Do search for blogs or websites that allow dofollow tag. Nofollow tag will not make any change to your pagerank.
  • Do only received backlinks from trustworthy blogs or websites. You can always use Google Webmaster tools to check all the backlinks directed to your blog. You can also you the demote function to instruct google bot not to read the links.
  • Do use the Backlinks Builder Tools. A link with quality keywords will help to optimise your blog search result.
What not to do:
  • Do not participate in any link exchange programs because this will only give bad reputation to your blog. You will never know the source of the link received.
  • Do not buy or sell backlinks.
  • Do not over do it. Lets the links grow naturally.

Quality backlinks will not only increase your blog page rank and visibility. It is also help to direct visitors from other blogs or website to your blog.  There are many quality blogs or websites on the internet that received million of page views monthly. Bloggers should consider taking this opportunity to direct traffics to their blog. You can't create a good blog, and then expect potential readers will find your website without pointing the way to them.

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