4 Steps to Make Money on eToro Social Investment Network

etoro social investment network

Year 2016 going to be a tough year for every one. More people are looking for opportunities to generate more income to improve their household economy. eToro is one of the way to make money online!

eToro is a social trading company that allows its users to watch the financial trading activity of other users, copy them, and to make their own trades. If you are a beginner, eToro will be a perfect platform for you to start learning about Forex trading.

There are four ways to make money on eToro platform. I am going to share with you one by one. But before that, please watch the video above so that you can get better understanding on how eToro works.

Becoming a Trader
Everyone can become a trader. Many information are made available on eToro Trading platform to assist traders to make their decisions. Information such as graphs, market sentiments, social comments and discussion are very useful in order to execute a trade. For beginners, this would be a perfect platform to start trading. Learn from the experts.

However, past performance will not guarantee your future profits. Trader need to understand and know the trading risks their risk appetites. For me, do not invest money that you can't afford to lose!

There are two types of trader on eToro;

Normal Trader
You need knowledge and experience to trade as a normal trader(when to buy and when to sell). Here you will analyst the market using tools such as candlesticks graph and market news feeds. Social trading will also allow you to discuss about the trades.

Copy Trader
This will enable traders to copy from best traders on eToro platform. The risk will be reduced and performance are based on the trader that you copied. Buy and sell are automatically executed and you can sit back and relax. To reduce risk, it is always better to copy for more than one investors.

Popular Investor Program
You have been successfully generating income by trading on the platform. Now is the time to double your income. Trade, get copied and earn an attractive fees based on 2% asset under management percentage (AUM). Becoming a smart investor and be popular on eToro. Below are the schedule of incentive based on your performance.

Popular investor Program

Referral Program
Join eToro Partners, and promote the world's leading investment network. You are promoting a very good product, so shouldn't be a hard job to do it. Simple copy and paste the marketing tools (unique banners, landing pages and widgets) provided on your blog, website, social media and more.

Invite friends
If you want to make instant money, why not invite your friends to join in. Your are eligible to invite 10 friends and each USD$100 deposited by a friend, you will be receiving USD$100. Team and condition apply!

So, these are the four ways to make money on eToro. It is easy and fun and you should try it.

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